October 2020 Newsletter

Dogs Having Way Too Much Fun in the Leaves!

Even though dogs may be drawn to attractive leaf piles, it's very important to be aware that tick season is still upon us, and ticks love to hang out in those piles of leaves. Enjoy these playful videos and read up on tips to keep your pet tick-free this fall.

Arthritis and Cold Weather: Treating Degenerative Joint Disease in Winter

Is your dog slowing down, or having a tougher time manipulating stairs? Does your dog make the jump onto the couch or bed with less vigor and ease than he or she used to? If so, they may be suffering from degenerative joint disease- especially if any of the symptoms seem worse when it's cold. Learn More.

5 Halloween Reminders to Keep Your Cat Safe

Fortunately, with adequate knowledge of the dangers, you can make sure you and your cat have a safe and happy Halloween night. Here are some reminders for protecting your cat from things that go bump in the night.