October 2021 Newsletter

Popular Xylitol Products that can Poison Your Dog

It's October, which means Halloween is around the corner. This also might mean you have more candy at home than you normally would! Xylitol is one such sugar substitute that is safe for human consumption, but is toxic for dogs. In fact, it can be deadly. Read this article.

Household Cleaning Products and Your Pet: What You Should Know About

Most household surface cleaning products only result in minor clinical signs of vomiting and diarrhea; these are products that you typically spray on windows and kitchen counters to wipe them down. However, there are certain cleaning products in your house that can be really dangerous to dogs and cats. Some Products pose the biggest corrosive or caustic danger. Read this article.

How Do I Trim My New Kitten's Nails?

How do you get your adorable little, whirling dervish to sit still long enough to have her nails trimmed and how do you trim them without causing either of you undue stress or pain? Read this article.