November 2022 Newsletter

What is it About Catnip?

What kind of plant is catnip and why does it make cats crazy?
Click here to learn all about it.

Do Dogs Dream?

Whether or not dogs dream is not known with scientific certainty, but it sure is difficult to imagine that they do not. We have all watched our dogs demonstrate behaviors in their sleep that resemble what they do in a fully awake state. Paddling legs, whining, growling, wagging tails, chewing jowls, and twitching noses inspire us to wonder what our dogs are dreaming about.

Wintering with Horses

Just as the summer months bring fly spray, bathing, sunscreen, and heat protection, the winter months bring their own special care requirements for our horses. Fortunately, preparing for winter can be an easy task as long as you plan ahead. Click here to learn more.