Why Choose PVH?

4 Great Reasons to Choose Our Animal Hospital
Petaluma Veterinary Hospital

AAHA Accredited

We have been AAHA Accredited since 1986 meaning your pet will get the highest quality of care possible.

This is a voluntary process that puts us in the top 15% of animal hospitals in the USA.

Accredited hospitals are recognized as the best in the industry-consistently at the forefront of advanced veterinary medicine.

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Low-stress Handling

Some pets hate going to the veterinary hospital and act accordingly. But we know most pets are fearful, not mean.

We use low-stress handling techniques leading to fewer anxiety triggers, less stress, and a better experience for everyone.

Our veterinarians and our staff use as many low-stress handling techniques as possible.

Clients as Partners

We know you want to be part of the decision making process.

During diagnosis our veterinarians explain why certain tests are recommended and their cost.

Then we discuss test results with you- what they mean, and treatment options, so we can make decisions together.

We think this sets us apart from other veterinary hospitals.

Pun-packed messages raise spirits on Boulevard​​​​​​​'

"Petaluma Veterinary Hospital’s marquee brightens our lives and offers a smile, or a belly laugh, as we drive by."

A State-Of-The-Art Veterinary Hospital Needs
​​​​​​​a Backup Power Plan!

Animal hospital gas generator at Petaluma Veterinary Hospital

During power outage our pet patients are safe and comfortable. Just like a state-of-the-art human hospital, Petaluma Veterinary Hospital has a large natural gas backup generator to keep the power on throughout the hospital, including our surgical and dental suites.

When the power goes out, our 25Kw backup generator automatically starts and powers all circuits in our hospital. When grid power is available again, the system automatically puts the hospital back on the grid. Then the generator cools down, shuts down, and waits for the next power outage!

So, if power goes out for any length of time, your pets will be safe and comfortable at Petaluma Veterinary Hospital. This is what you should expect from an AAHA Accredited veterinary hospital.