Emergency Veterinary Clinics Near Petaluma CA

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​​​​​​​Petaluma Veterinary Hospital is not an emergency clinic and we are not open in the evenings. Should an emergency come up after office hours, please call one of the 24 hour emergency clinics listed below:

Things to Consider: Emergency Veterinary Services

What happens when you’re out on a trail with your dog and she steps on a forgotten nail just off the path? You now need to find an emergency vet for your dog. Not every veterinary clinic is equipped to handle a pet emergency. It takes special equipment and a team of trained and dedicated veterinary professionals to be able to offer the extensive care that comes with animal emergency services. Not to mention, an emergency vet may have special times or rooms for their services and may only be able to accommodate so many animal emergency visits at once. Most veterinary clinics like Petaluma Veterinary Hospital will do what they can to fit in a patient with a last minute call, but they may often refer you to another clinic or veterinary hospital in the area.

What if you’re suddenly awoken in the night by your pet vomiting without stopping? Is there a cat emergency clinic that you can take your furry family member to where they can get immediate treatment? Your regular veterinary clinic will be closed and unable to assist your pet until it is possibly too late. But just like there are hospital emergency rooms for us, there are pet emergency clinics available 24 hours. In fact, you can often get the contact information for emergency pet clinics in your area from your regular veterinarian, simply by asking them during one of your annual pet exams.

Always be proactive and know what you may need in a pet emergency situation so that you can be prepared. Add the contact info of the nearest emergency veterinary clinic to your contacts. These things can help speed up the process during a pet emergency room visit. You’ll also want to keep in mind that these clinics most often require payment up front before running any tests or blood work on your animal. Consider insurance options and veterinary cost specific credit card plans to help alleviate these fees.

When you and your pet visit a 24-hour emergency animal clinic, it’s going to be nerve wracking. Nights and weekends are the busiest times for these clinics, when owners don’t have the option of calling their regular vet. You will be trying to help your friend, but may be faced with a wait for animal emergency services. You might feel panicky and upset. Remember, emergency vets know how to treat your animal based on its symptoms and behavior. They will make sure that the most life threatening cases are handled first, just like in a regular hospital. When it is your pet’s turn to be seen, you may be separated from them for your safety and the safety of other animals being treated. You may not immediately speak to a vet once your pet is returned to you. Be patient and trust that the emergency animal care center is doing what is best for the speedy recovery of your pet.

Often, pet emergency clinics will request to run a variety of tests on your pet in order to determine the cause of their sudden illness. While it is important to do what you can to help your pet in an emergency situation, be aware of your payment plan options and the cost of the services that are being recommended to you. Ask questions about how certain tests will help your pet. Request that tests be done and the results reviewed before another test is started. In some cases, the answer to your dog emergency room trip can be found in a single simple blood test or X ray.

Be aware that your pet might receive a serious diagnosis. Apart from the cost of the 24-hour emergency animal clinic visit you’ve just had, you may be faced with additional financial and emotional burdens ahead once you receive a full diagnosis from an emergency vet. Your pet may be referred to a veterinary specialist for further treatment of a specific condition. Or, you may be able to take your pet home but may be required to schedule follow up visits with your regular vet and sent off with medication that your pet may need for an extended period of time. And, in the worst of cases, you may be told that you will face the ultimate cost of saying goodbye to your pet.

No one wants to be faced with a pet emergency and at a loss for how to help their pet. We recommend always being proactive when it comes to the future health and wellbeing of your pet. Talking to your vet about the best emergency animal clinics in your area will help you to be ready in the event of an emergency.